1. Threat & Risk Assessment
    Threat & Risk Assessment begins with our security professional performing a thorough assessment of the risk and threats that you or your establishment might face and with that identified. We will work on solutions to minimize or eliminate the threat and / or risk posed.
  2. Security Staff
    At Risk Resolution LLC, we have some of the best trained security staff to assist you in addressing your security issues. Through extensive training in incident management our staff can resolve incidents that our clients might face.
  3. Education & Training
    While for most security companies security issues are physically resolved. Here at Risk Resolution LLC. We go beyond just training and educating our staff but take it one step further to train and educate our clients in taking steps to making their environment safer.
  4. Cyber Security
    Our cyber security team is one of the most experienced team in the profession with certifications, decades of experience and advance credentials. Whether you are trying to make your internet or website more secure or to resolve any issues our experts will provide the knowledge and expertise.
Additional Security Services Provided:
 Incident response

 Traffic Control

 Concierge & Customer Service

 Special Event

 Active shooter threat assessment, planning, education, training, survival,
 consulting, methods of intervention and advisory.

 Immediate security staffing

 Armed & Unarmed guard services

 Valuables Transport

 Protective Security Detail Planning


 Personal Protection Services




 Financial Institution