Resolution to all your risk. 
Welcome to Risk Resolution LLC, our company was founded to provide a higher level of service in private security through assessing risk and providing solutions to address the multiple layers of issues versus just providing one or two security methods to address all your concerns. We work on prevention and risk minimization through detailed assessment and planning of how to tackle your security issues from its roots. We also are one of a few security company that also offers cyber security services.
Why Us: Here are some reasons of why choosing us might be a better choice.

We have the experienced professionals in the services we provide to offer you the expertise for the services you requested.

All of our officers are thoroughly screened not just for criminal history, employment and substance abuse but also screened for their ability to handle incidents properly and thoroughly trained in security related issues.

Our work sometimes can be very dynamic that many applicants may successfully pass the academics portion but fail if not struggle to apply what they have learned in class to an incident and under duress with only seconds to make the right decision it is important that we know they can handle the job.

Other training topic will include but not limited to: de-escalation, use of force, FEMA related courses, report writing, proper use of personal protection equipment, basic criminal law, first aid, CPR/AED, officer safety, defensive tactics, customer service and conflict resolution.

Over the last decade mass shooting incidents have been a significant threat to everyone no matter where your located. Through this time we have strived to come up with better solutions to address this issue and would love to offer these solutions to your organization. We hope to minimize the numbers of tragedy through education and training.

We also offer flexible terms of service to suit your needs with multiple forms of payments accepted making it easy to do business with us. Thank you. We look forward to serving you.